Make your first call with Ring on GNU/Linux

Ring is easy to use! Follow these steps to install it and make your first secure call.

  1. 1. Install Ring on a Linux computer
  2. 2. Open Ring
  3. 3. Create a Ring account and register it on the blockchain
  4. 4. Add a new device to your existing account
  5. 5. Make a first call or accept a call
  6. 6. End a call

Posted on November 17th, 2015


1. Install Ring on a GNU/Linux computer

Choose either of the following two ways to install Ring on your Gnu/Linux computer :


  • In automatic mode, open a terminal and execute the command line depending on your distribution.

      The command lines can be found on the automated Linux installation page of Ring.

  • In manual mode, install the daemon and the appropriate client.

      Links to the files are on the manual Linux installation page of Ring.


2. Open Ring

Once the download is finished, run Ring from the Applications menu or from your Launcher.



3. Create a Ring account and register it on the blockchain

A welcome window will appear. Click on Create Ring Account.

The following window will ask you to choose an avatar, a username and a password for your new account, as follows. Note that your password should contain 3 to 32 characters (a-z and/or A-Z and/or 0-9 and/or - and/or _) matching this regex:

Check the Register your username option if you wish to register your username on Ring's user directory, or uncheck it if you don't. This global account identification mechanism is based on blockchain implementation on an Ethereum technology. Registering your username on the blockchain may take a few minutes:

Congratulations, your new Ring account is now ready!

Please note that you shouldn't forget your password as long as you are using the current account. If your forget it, you won't be able to change it or get another one.

Your account password is important. It is used to add other devices to your account and encrypt the archive that contains the private keys linked to your Ring account. When adding a new device to your account, this archive is transferred over the network. It is important to choose a good password because it protects the archive if it is intercepted.

Now that your account is set up, you can check your account configuration or modify it, by clicking on the Settings button    at the top-right corner:


4. Add a new device to your existing account

The multi-device feature allows you to register additional devices to an existing account. Sending text messages to a RingID will send messages to all devices owned by this RingID, the same goes for calling.

In order to register your "Smiley face" on Device 1 to an existing account on Device 2, you shoud follow these few simple steps:

- On Device 1:

1. Open the Devices tab inside the Accounts menu . Then click on the Add device button. The following window will appear, asking you to type your "Smiley face" account's password:

2. Click on the Export on the Ring button.

This will generate a Pin code, as follows:

- On Device 2:

3. Go to the Settings > Accounts > General window:

4. Click on the button at the bottom-left corner. This will generate a new Interface, where you are going to Link this device to an existing account :

5. Enter the pin code you got on Device 1, as well as Device's 1 password. Then click on next:

Congratulations, the new device is now added to your account!


5. Make a first call or accept a call

  • To make your first call, enter your contact's Ring ID in the search bar. Then press the following button téléphone-Ring or the Enter key on your keyboard.


  • To accept a call, just click on the Accept button accept. You can decline it, by clicking on the Reject button reject.


6. End a call

To end a call, just click on the cross buton raccrocher-Ring.


Congratulations! You have installed Ring and you have made your first call.


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