3 March 2016

Soon Ring will be to Libre Planet and Fossasia

Two opportunities to better understand the foundations of Ring and travel in this exciting project!

From March 19th to 20th, three of our developers will be heading to Libre Planet (Boston) and Fossasia (Singapore) to explain that Ring is a tool based on freedom and why it is more than a real time communication software.

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27 January 2016

Ring is now on Android

Drop Ring into your pocket and communicate in confidence at any time!

Now available on Android, test your Ring app and let us know what you think.

I test Ring app on Android

19 January 2016

Come meet Ring for the next FOSDEM!

Two developers of Savoir-faire Linux will explain how build a peer-to-peer network for Real-Time communication, during the next FOSDEM.

Through the example of Ring, 800 enthusiasts will discover the issues involved in a distributed network, the possibilities offered by OpenDHT and many other things.

Join them on January 31st!


4 January 2016

January 1st Bug - Update to the latest version of Ring

The transition to the new year caused a bug. To take full advantage of your software, please update it.

We promise, no bug for the transition to 2017! The team is working to ensure that this does not happen again.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Have a great 2016!


24 December 2015

How to add a SIP account?

Have you subscribed to an Internet telephony service?

Configure your SIP account in 3 steps and take advantage of Ring functions!

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18 December 2015

Ring pass through the firewalls

Sometimes firewalls block communication. But Ring can pass through them if you configure your account.

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8 December 2015

Ring communicates with connected devices

When you leave home, are you sure the lights are turned off?

With Ring, you can check it with a video camera and adjust them simply by sending a text message through live chat.

Save energy and get into the world of Internet of Things!


23 November 2015

How user anonymity is protected?

The user anonymity is protected in several ways.

As Ring works in peer-to-peer, the login information is not centralized in one place but is spread among many users.

Moreover, the connection request passes through a distributed directory - called OpenDHT - which combines several encryption methods.

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