18 September 2017

Recent changes to the Ring clients

Changes to Ring, since the release of the 1.0 version:

UWP client
1. Fixes:
- SIP call audio fixed.
- Name registration fixed.
2. Improvements:
- SIP account creation and contact management improved.
- UI improvements during video calls.

Win32 client
1. Fixes:
- Missing DLL (needs reinstallation of Ring from the website).
- SIP UI correction and behavior fix (no messaging outside calls),
- Various bug fixes:
    - Closing first wizard without creating account doesn't crash the app anymore.
    - Clicking on old formatted contacts won't crash the app.
2. Improvements:
- General UI improvement:
    - Contextual menu of contact list fixed.
    - Multiple size and ratio adjustments.
- Code cleaning and refactorisation.

GNU/Linux Client
1. Fixes:
- Fix: Add contacts to the correct models.
- Fix smart infos display during a call.
- Fix a crash when ContactMethod is null.
2. Improvements:
- Improved display of avatars (circle and color pallet, common to all desktop clients).
- Improved display of contact requests.
- Improved display of messages reception date.
- YouTube videos and images can now be displayed into the conversation window.
- Displayed messages are now grouped by reception date.
3. Other changes:
- Remove the category label for a contact in the call view.
- Remove the ability to drag-and-drop an object in the chat view.
- Add a setting to enable/disable the preview of images and videos in the conversation window.

macOS client
- Removal of the add contact pannel which allowed to change your name and add it to Contacts.
- Remove the "Add to Contact" popover. It is now a single click action.
- Adding a default avatar (a white lettre inside a coloured circle).
- Minor cosmetic changes (commit 053283b2 & 22f71275).
- Many automatic translations uptades.

Changes on the Ring daemon
1. Addition of the following tests:
  ⁃ functional: SIP
  ⁃ Unit-Test: various simple classes for now
This is a GSoC 2017 contribution by Olivier Gregoire, accessible by command /make check/ (see test/ directory for further details)
1.1 RingAccount: archive can now be saved in plain text (not encrypted) without password.  In this case the archive is just a plain json file compressed with gzip.

2. Fixes:
  ⁃ Android: restbed crash
  ⁃ DHT:
    ⁃ prevent DHT connection on disabled account
    ⁃ avoid flipping DHT connection status
  ⁃ tweak vp8 parameters for better live performances
  ⁃ fix RingAccount certificate check code to be compliant with gnutls >= 3.4.11

3. Build/code
  ⁃ various refactoring for code cleanup/maintainance
  ⁃ various build fixes on dedicated platforms
  ⁃ build log less verbose (almost for boost)

4. Contribs (Bumps/Downgrades/Add/Remove)
  ⁃ restbed/asio 4.6
  ⁃ opendht (latest)
  ⁃ x264 (latest)
  ⁃ vpx 1.6.1
  ⁃ ffmpeg 3.3.3g
  ⁃ Boost 1.64
  ⁃ (UWP) downgrade gnutls 3.4.17
  ⁃ (UWP) downgrade pjproject 2.5.5
  ⁃ libav removed (ffmpeg is now used everywhere)

21 July 2017

Release of Ring 1.0 « Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité »

Savoir-faire Linux is proud to announce the official release of Ring 1.0 « Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité », the free and universal communication platform which preserves the users' privacy and freedoms.

Ring is fully distributed, and depends on no central infrastructure or enterprise to work. Every Ring user is connected to his or her contacts via a fully distributed network.

Ring can be used to text and audio/video call more privately, securely, and reliably.

Main functionalities and features:

> Encrypted Audio, HD Video, and InstantMessaging communication (ICE, SIP, TLS)
> Screen sharing and conferencing (Win32 and GNU/Linux)
> Support of an Ethereum blockchain as a distributed public user database
> Distributed communication platform (OpenDHT)
> Platform support on GNU/Linux, Windows UWP (Windows 10 and Surface), Win32 (Windows 7, 8 and 8.1), and macOS (10.10+) and Android (4.0+)
> Distributed under GPLv3+ license

As a GNU package since October 2016, the Ring team wants to thank Dr. Richard Stallman and the FSF for their support for the Ring project.

Important links

> Download Ring
> Contribute to Ring
> Technical documentation

20 December 2016

Ring on UWP: genesis of a technical challenge

Ring's beta 2 version is now available on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). It's not only a great step forward for Ring, an official GNU package, but a technical success for our development team.


16 November 2016

Blockchain, a revolutionary tool for Ring

Blockchain technology brings on a new revolution, as its advocates write on every wall, it is likely to deeply change our verticaly-shaped society.  Savoir-faire Linux uses its mechanism to develop Ring distributed ledger and users ID management.

Read more

4 November 2016

Ring Bêta 2 is now available

Ring, a GNU projet, is improving. Test the Gaston Miron version now!
Among the latest features in the beta 2 version, you will find :

  • A global account identification mechanism based on blockchain implementation on an Ethereum technology.
  • The multi-device
  • The IPv6 support

Learn more

4 November 2016

Ring, an official GNU package

Since October, Ring is officially a GNU package, following its integration into the GNU project.


12 April 2016

Take control of your communication with Ring [Video - Libre Planet]

Ring’s technology offers users a tool based on freedom. Two Savoir-faire Linux developers working on Ring- Adrien Béraud and Guillaume Roguez - demonstrated that during the Libre Planet conference on March 20th.

Libre Planet is an annual event organized by the famous Free Software Foundation which promote the use of free software around the world.

Watch the video (43:39)

21 March 2016

Join the Ring Project for the Summer

You're a student and you're looking for a unique opportunity to code with experts this Summer? Join the Ring team through the Google Summer of Code. You could receive 5,500 US dollars for 3 months.

To apply, it's easy! Before the March, 25th in the evening, follow these 3 steps:

1. Register yourself on Google Summer of Code and submit an application.

2. Send a email introducing yourself to <> and indicate "Ring - GSoC" as subject. Don't forget to tell us which topics you are interested in and which programming languages your are most confident with.

3. Create an application on this Debian wiki page. You can create a basic list of things you will work on.

Here are the main topics:

18 March 2016

The foundations of Ring

What is Ring? What is it for? And what is its business model?

Here are Cyrille Béraud responses, the President of Savoir-faire Linux.

Learn more

14 March 2016

Ring - Now in Beta

Ring is improving to deliver the best communication. Enjoy Papineau version now!

More practical, stable and simple, this beta includes news functionalities, especially thanks to the support of the community.

Take part in this adventure!

Learn more