16 November 2016

Blockchain, a revolutionary tool for Ring

Blockchain technology brings on a new revolution, as its advocates write on every wall, it is likely to deeply change our verticaly-shaped society.  Savoir-faire Linux uses its mechanism to develop Ring distributed ledger and users ID management.

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4 November 2016

Ring Bêta 2 is now available

Ring, a GNU projet, is improving. Test the Gaston Miron version now!
Among the latest features in the beta 2 version, you will find :

  • A global account identification mechanism based on blockchain implementation on an Ethereum technology.
  • The multi-device
  • The IPv6 support

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4 November 2016

Ring, an official GNU package

Since October, Ring is officially a GNU package, following its integration into the GNU project.


12 April 2016

Take control of your communication with Ring [Video - Libre Planet]

Ring’s technology offers users a tool based on freedom. Two Savoir-faire Linux developers working on Ring- Adrien Béraud and Guillaume Roguez - demonstrated that during the Libre Planet conference on March 20th.

Libre Planet is an annual event organized by the famous Free Software Foundation which promote the use of free software around the world.

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21 March 2016

Join the Ring Project for the Summer

You're a student and you're looking for a unique opportunity to code with experts this Summer? Join the Ring team through the Google Summer of Code. You could receive 5,500 US dollars for 3 months.

To apply, it's easy! Before the March, 25th in the evening, follow these 3 steps:

1. Register yourself on Google Summer of Code and submit an application.

2. Send a email introducing yourself to <> and indicate "Ring - GSoC" as subject. Don't forget to tell us which topics you are interested in and which programming languages your are most confident with.

3. Create an application on this Debian wiki page. You can create a basic list of things you will work on.

Here are the main topics:

18 March 2016

The foundations of Ring

What is Ring? What is it for? And what is its business model?

Here are Cyrille Béraud responses, the President of Savoir-faire Linux.

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14 March 2016

Ring - Now in Beta

Ring is improving to deliver the best communication. Enjoy Papineau version now!

More practical, stable and simple, this beta includes news functionalities, especially thanks to the support of the community.

Take part in this adventure!

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3 March 2016

Soon Ring will be to Libre Planet and Fossasia

Two opportunities to better understand the foundations of Ring and travel in this exciting project!

From March 19th to 20th, three of our developers will be heading to Libre Planet (Boston) and Fossasia (Singapore) to explain that Ring is a tool based on freedom and why it is more than a real time communication software.

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27 January 2016

Ring is now on Android

Drop Ring into your pocket and communicate in confidence at any time!

Now available on Android, test your Ring app and let us know what you think.

I test Ring app on Android